Styles of Travel

Every Traveller is different and has different definition to adventure. To fulfill the adventure needs of every traveller we have developed different travel styles and themes to suit everyone. Most of our small group adventures are designed  and priced on lines of Classic style but we give utmost freedom and flexibility to every traveller to choose what travel style is best for her/him.


  • This style has great mix of all from included must do activities to free time for own exploration or rest, mix of air- conditioned private and public transport, well located comfortable 3 to 4 star hotels with most amenities like wifi, restaurant, all breakfasts and some meals included.


  • Travellers who would like to enjoy all the thrills and local experiences from their own comfort level. Transport is mostly air-conditioned private, more comfortable 4 to 5 star hotels with all amenities and various characteristic heritage hotels, all breakfasts and more meals included, must do included activities and free time to make your own choices, slower pace to enjoy everything in a relaxed way.

Adventure/ Basix

  • Travellers who would like to have amazing travel experiences in a simple way and their own budget. Mostly free time to make your own choices of time and money. Travel in public transport where we can, activities mostly optional to make your own choices, simple, clean and well located locally owned budget hotels to homestays/guesthouses with wifi and food, meals mostly optional to choose where and what you want to eat.